LA Now 5: Grand Challenges

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UCLA has challenged over 150 experts in over 40 university departments to establish a viable plan for a sustainable 2050 Los Angeles County.

As the leaders of the Spatial Integration Team for the UCLA Sustainable LA Grand Challenge, the Now Institute at the UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture has been the primary connector and touchpoint for dozens of faculty and researchers across a wide range of disciplines working toward a sustainable 2050 LA. Crossing over into many different disciplines, the project has yielded deep research into emerging technologies within the context of the current political, cultural, and economic landscape, posing architecture and planning as the central node of energy and water policy, transportation and zoning policy, as well as park access and food equity.

The Sustainable LA Grand Challenge goals to achieve 100% renewable energy, 100% locally sourced water and enhanced ecosystem and human health for Los Angeles County by 2050.

A working publication covering the Now Institute's work for the Grand Challenge is available online:

100% Sustainable: Strategies for 2050 Renewable Energy, Local Water, and Ecosystem Health in Los Angeles